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Qualifying for Medicaid Benefits

Medicaid is a program designed to help older adults, children, pregnant women and disabled individuals afford quality medical care in spite of a lack of income or ability to buy medical insurance. Medicaid eligibility in Florida is determined by one of two bodies, the Department of Children and Families or the Social Security Administration. If you feel that you may qualify for Medicaid, working with a Sarasota Medicaid lawyer can help ensure you apply properly for this medical assistance.

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Qualifying for VA Benefits

If you are a veteran living in Florida, you have a number of benefits and services that you have earned through your service. From medical coverage to home loans, as well as special tax exemptions and education or tuition assistance. The list of potential benefits is really quite long, but many veterans do not get their benefits because they fail to apply properly and have their applications unfairly denied. If you are thinking about applying for VA benefits, working with a VA benefits attorney can help ensure that your application will be approved.

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