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Lehn Law is an experienced law firm located in Sarasota, FL. Attorney Joseph Lehn focuses his law practice on elder law, estate planning for asset protection, qualifying for Medicaid and qualifying for VA benefits. At Lehn Law, clients can expect legal solutions that work and a client centric approach. Attorney Joseph Lehn takes the time to listen to client circumstances and properly prepare cases. Expect professionalism along with a human touch.

Qualifying for Medicaid and VA Benefits

Qualifying for Medicaid is not simply a matter of filing an application. You could easily wind up spending tens of thousands without a good plan to qualify for benefits. Residents of nursing homes become eligible for Medicaid benefits only after meeting strict financial requirements. Some assets can be exempt to make it easier to qualify for Medicaid, but rules are more complicated for married couples. Nursing home managers are not qualified to help nursing home applicants determine Medicaid benefits. As an experienced elder law attorney, Joseph Lehn has an in-depth knowledge of Medicaid law and can implement a variety of techniques to maximize asset protection for his clients. His knowledge is invaluable in developing your Medicaid plan, and he will act in your best interests.

Veteran benefits for nursing home care or in-home care may be available for veterans and surviving spouses. Benefits are typically available for veterans and spouses of veterans who served at least 90 days during wartime. Like qualifying for Medicaid, qualifying for VA benefits is complex. Proof of service and other documentation is generally required. Let attorney Joseph Lehn help you get the VA benefits that you’re entitled to.

Asset Protection: Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts

Even when you don’t have a Rockefeller-like estate, it’s important to have estate planning for asset protection in place, so you’re estate is distributed in the manner you choose in the event of your death. Lehn Law helps clients protect their assets and avoid probate. Attorney Joseph Lehn can also assist in estate administration, as it can be complex. Taxes will have to be paid, and there may be creditors that need payment. With the help of Lehn Law, executors can avoid mistakes for which they can be personally liable. He’s there to fight for your rights under the law.

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